General Pricing List

We understand that the costs for pet cremation services can be more than you originally expected. However, this page breaks down our prices and fees for all of our services, policies, products, and procedures.

Private Cremation Cost

Our prices for private pet cremation services depend on the size of your animal. For example, larger pets will cost a bit more than smaller pets. Our prices based on sizing are as follows:

  • 2 pounds or less $75

    Pocket Pet Pricing

  • 2.5- 5 pounds $180
  • 5-20 pounds $200
  • 20-40 pounds $230
  • 40-60 pounds $270
  • 60-80 pounds $300
  • 80-100 pounds $350
  • 100+ pounds $375
  • Communal Cremation $80

    or Pocket Pet (2lbs or less) $50

  • Rushed Cremation + $75

    Additional cost on top of standard cremation price to return to family within 24 hours

Pet Urn & Paw Print Keepsake Prices

Once the cremation is done, all pets will be delivered in a standard bamboo urn. If you do not wish to choose the standard bamboo urn, you may select the option to have your pet returned in a different form of memorabilia or keepsake, depending on what meets your preferences. For example, we offer additional items, including:

If you are looking for other keepsakes or urn options for your pet, you may visit our online store to see what is available.

  • Paw Print Keepsake INCLUDED!

    1 Paw print impression mold Included! ($10 for ea. additional)

Prices of Services Offered

Based on your needs and preferences, we have a couple of selections for private viewing sessions so you and your family can say goodbye to your pet.

  • Private Viewing $250

    1 hour in our Aspen room Monday-Friday; 9am-4pm, with 1 Staff member

  • Private Viewing After Hours $350

    As early as 8am, as late as 6pm M-F; 1 staff member *No weekend viewings/services offered*.


standard urns – wood is engravable
($10 per line)

Bringing Your Pet into Our Care

Pets may be delivered to the funeral home during our regular business hours: 9 am to 4pm, Monday through Friday at no cost. Weekend delivery by family is offered by setting a time for our staff to meet family in the office, which includes a $150 fee. If you have your pet removed from your home after passing or euthanasia, and you live within 20 miles, it is $50 during normal business hours, 9 am to 4 pm. There is a $150 fee during after hours, depending on available staff; however, it is not always guaranteed staff will be available

Pet Refrigeration Cost

Pet refrigeration will be free of charge for the first 4 days. On the 5th day and for each day after, refrigeration will be a $100/day charge.

Pet Transportation Cost

Mailing or shipping of pet cremated remains is a $100 fee plus the postal cost. This fee includes licensed staff delivery to the post office and insurance on the shipment.

Contact Us Today & Let’s Honor Your Beloved Pet Together

If you have any questions about our prices or services, our team is here to help you make the best decisions so you can cherish your pet’s memory. We will work with you during each step of the way with compassion, integrity, and the desire to go above and beyond for your family to honor your loved one. We understand that losing a pet is incredibly difficult and sometimes confusing to know the best way to honor and remember he or she. By listening to your needs and desires, we ensure that your pet receives only the best care to cross over the rainbow bridge. Contact us today with any questions.

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